I'm Very Into You

by Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark / adapted and directed by Sara Lyons

Sex, Power, Portishead, Send: I'm Very Into You invokes late great feminist author Kathy Acker and Australian media theorist McKenzie (Ken) Wark in a stage adaptation of their 1995 email correspondence following a steamy love affair. Their queer desire hovers in the air between San Francisco and Sydney at the dawn of the digital age.

I'm Very Into You uses social engagement, multimedia, and a stripped-down design to place Kathy and Ken's rich digital epistolary in conversation with our contemporary lives. Director Sara Lyons invites a diverse cast of local queer, feminist, and non-binary performers who embody Kathy and Ken as points across a wide gender spectrum, and respond with their own true personal stories of gender slippage, online intimacy, and queer desire. This living archive grows with every performance as I'm Very Into You conjures the legacy of Kathy Acker and examines how intimacy has evolved through the internet and expanding queer expression over the last two decades.

photos by Rolando Sepulveda II / OUTsider

Production History:

OUTsider Fest (Austin, TX), 2018

Featuring Ashley Clark, kt shorb, Mal Zook, Zachary G. Henry, Sally Strecker, Donnesh Amrollah, Kimmothy Cole, and Electra Mourning

Media Design: Adam J. Thompson and Joseph Amodei

Sound Design: Aaron Landgraf

Production Manager: Laura J. Khalil 

Special Effects / Wild Project (NYC), 2017

Featuring Nic Grelli* and Emily Davis*

Media Design: Adam J. Thompson

Sound Design: Aaron Landgraf

CMU School of Drama, November 2016

Featuring Carson McCalley and Sarah Pidgeon

Scenic Design: Emily Bordelon

Media Design: Jessica Medenbach

Lighting Design: K. Jenna Ferree

Sound Design: Hong Ji

Costume Design: Yixuan Duan

Dramaturgy: Stephanie Kane