Overheard written and performed by Kirya Traber / direction and dramaturgy by Sara Lyons

Writer-performer Kirya Traber embodies a cast of 18 characters on a subway ride across the city. Public and private collide as strangers encounter an unconventional individual who challenges their fundamental conceptions of what it means to be female bodied, to be Black, and to be an artist. Through character monologue, personal narrative, dance, and song, Traber asks how minute moments of personal choice can define our experience in a world of predetermined roles. Overheard dares to expose a universe of complexity in a single body.

Choreography: Denae Hannah

Sound Design: Ian Werhle

Production History:

OUTsider Festival (Austin, TX), February 2015

EstroGenius Festival (NYC), October 2014

Dixon Place HOT! Festival (NYC), July 2014

BAAD! Out Like That Festival (NYC), June 2014