Life After co-written and co-directed by Sara Lyons, Barbara Kaynan, and Rachael Harrington

Three stories, as dark and hopeful as birth and death, play seamlessly in succession as the audience is invited into an ever-deepening exploration of the cycles of love and loss.

HERE Arts Center, October 2013

Featuring Brett Aresco, Seta Bairamian, Ray Campbell, Natalia Duong, Olsi Gjeci, Rachael Harrington, Gael Schaefer*, Alok Tewari*, and Jorden Tierney

Choreography: Laura Brandel
Dramaturgy: Leah Hamos
Scenic and Props Design: Jim E. Link
Lighting and Projection Design: Bobby Bradley
Sound Design: Janie Bullard
Produced by Joint Theatre Collective and The Creators' Collective
Stage Management Alison Hassman*

*member of Actor's Equity Association