…gut-wrenching…Beautifully directed by Sara Lyons and enhanced by the severely stark and aggressive lighting by Chu-hsuan Chang, Outlaw confronts and exposes both white and black stereotypes, fears of “the other” and common racist statements made by people who think of themselves as non-racist or bigoted.”

-LA Dance Chronicle [full article']

“The best use of space…the use of light set each new scene and the writing was superb…The power of this work is a see-for-yourself kind of experience. Paul Outlaw will challenge you and leave you stunned.

-Broadway World [full article]

“this challenging work impacted me the most of all the works in the festival this year…the power of BBC’s exploration of xenophobia, black virility, and gender confusion left me speechless and stunned.

-Artillery Magazine [full article]

“The internet was uncharted territory in the 90s. We didn’t know what the rules were, and we were often making them up as we went. With the inaccessibility and disappearance of real life queer spaces, online spaces continue to hold a special importance for queer people. While laughing that in some ways I’m Very Into You is “a rom com for nerdy queers,” Sara also acknowledges very sincerely that, “Part of the goal of the project is to honor Kathy Acker and help to pump her legacy and her work and her iconography back into the culture.” More than 20 years after her death, the culture might finally be ready.”

-Gina Young on I’m Very Into You at LAX Festival 2018

"...Sara Lyons’s epistolary play, based on the published 1995 emails of the late Kathy Acker, is worth keeping an eye out for in the future. Acker had a “three-day stand” with Australian academic McKenzie Wark, and the two followed up that dalliance with intense and flirty emails across the Pacific. This is no ordinary romance, as they analyze the nature of sexual power games and their own queer identities. These academic writers tussle with the challenges of communicating their desires—being too honest or blunt, misconstruing each other, untangling meaning, and battling their own complicated minds in the process." 

-American Theatre Magazine [full article]

Contemporary Performance: Interview with Philip Gates

"Baby Mama is a shining diamond of a show: beautiful storytelling and intimate staging come together to create a heartbreakingly cathartic experience that you should not miss...Sara Lyons’ directorial influence gives this story, and its author, space to breathe...Five Stars." -BroadwayBaby.com [full article]

"With radical intimacy and humor, she offers a candid look at love, family, friendship, and sacrifice–and there’s even some burlesque to boot...Voice Choice!” -Village Voice [full article]

"...funny, moving and unapologetically candid" -Time Out New York [full article]

" I want our work to consistently be part of widespread national conversations and for the powers that be to recognize its discursive potential in terms of politics and culture." -Sara Lyons

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