Pilot's Wings by Garrett D. Kim / directed by Sara Lyons

Meet Pilot: your average teenage boy—well, average except for his autism—who’s looking for a chance to prove himself. A coming-of-age story that uses a different set of tools to explore how everyday people navigate out of their solitude and learn how to fly.

photos by Celina Lam

Fordham University, October 2014

FeaturingTony MachtGus CuddyGracie FojtikKendall Cafaro, & Moira McAuliffe
Set Design: Marco Giarracca
Lighting DesignCesca Wolos-Fonteno
Sound Design: Lawrence Schober
Costume DesignCelina Lam
Props DesignMaggie Taylornova
ChoreographyElli Brown
CompositionNoah John Nethery
DramaturgyLeigh Honigman